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    If you are looking to buy strong wax melts online in the UK, Sassy Wax is the right place! Our soy blend wax melts are handmade using the best selection of long lasting scents and fragrances right here in the UK and we guarantee you'll love them!
    For those looking for a gift set or wholesale, we have a selection to choose from.
    131 products
    Sasstonbury Lanyard Wax Melt - Themed Collection
    Snow Kissed Mittens Wax Melt
    Celestial Unicorn Wax Melt
    Lemon Cookie Wax Melt
    Sweater Weather Wax Melt
    Flashy Bathroom Wax Melt
    Strawberry Sundae Wax Melt
    Citrus Kreede Wax Melt
    Sweet Talk Wax Melt
    Vintage Tea Party Wax Melt
    Lavender Milk, Orange & Neroli Wax Melt
    Lemon Cookie Candy Wax Melt
    Pastel Blooms Wax Melt
    Pomegranate Noir Wax Melt
    Sweet Berry Bliss Wax Melt
    Clementine & Bubbles Wax Melt
    Bunny Tails Wax Melt
    Caribbean Passionfruit Wax Melt
    Fluffy Candy & Blue Skies Wax Melt
    Sweet Confectionary Wax Melt
    Fall Berries Wax Melt
    Light Blue Wax Melt
    Pear Spice Wax Melt
    Winter Baby Wax Melt
    Winter Grape Wax Melt
    Strawberry Cream Lollipops Wax Melt
    Strawberry Shortcake Latte Wax Melt
    Ice & Slice Wax Melt
    Coconut Milk & Oudh Wax Melt
    Christmas Tree Wax Melt
    Honey Love Wax Melt
    Mrs Noel Wax Melt
    Baby Sassy Wax Melt
    Moonlight Snow Wax Melt
    Let's Celebrate Wax Melt
    Golden Orchid Wax Melt
    Clean Cotton Wax Melt
    Chapter 1 Mystery Bundles (READ DESCRIPTION)
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    Velvet Cashmere Wax Melt
    Boss Angel Wax Melt
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    Wax Melts

    If you are looking to buy strong wax melts online in the UK, Sassy Wax is the right place! Our soy blend wax melts are handmade using the best selection of long lasting scents and fragrances right here in the UK and we guarantee you'll love them! 

    What makes Sassy Wax the best wax melts to buy in the UK?

    Over the years, we have had 1000’s of satisfied customers due to our service and high quality. We’ve built a reputation amongst the wax melt community as the best in the UK as a brand that cares. When you shop with us, rest assured that you have the high quality blend of soy wax tarts from the most sustainable sources which makes us the natural choice.

    Wax melts in the UK that are eco-friendly, safe and natural

    Unlike other scented wax tarts in the UK - we use a non-toxic base so that our wax melts can be used around your children and your pets. Instead of using 100% paraffin wax, we handmake our wax tarts with a blend of soy which is a more natural and healthy alternative. Soy wax is biodegradable and so is the glitter that we use in our products.

    Innovative scented wax melts that are long lasting

    It’s simple, our wax melts use premium ingredients from UK manufacturers and suppliers, which support the local community by keeping jobs local. When buying wax tarts by Sassy Wax you can guarantee your fragrance lasts between 70-100 hours for the wax pot! Innovation is at the core of what we do. Whether its through scented gift sets, wax burners or exclusive fragrances. When you shop online with us you can enjoy constant deals and get your favourite segment pots for less.

    Wax melts in the UK that fill your home with fragrance

    We’ve got all your favourite scents and plenty more to explore, you’ll find the best wax melt offers here at Sassy Wax! We have everyday low pricing offers which means that you don't have to compromise on quality. Our scents are amazing value and we even offer the tealight wax burners and electric wax melters that you use with these. Are you looking for wholesale wax melts? We have that covered too!

    Frequently Asked Questions on scented wax tarts answered by experts

    To assist you in using your new scented wax tarts and help you know how to use them, we’ve made a helpful list of common questions and answers. You can find information on wax burners, electric wax melters and how to find the best wax melts in the UK. If you don’t see the answer you need, take a look at our online blog or contact our friendly customer care team - we are more than happy to help!

    What shall I do if the wax melt doesn't smell anymore?

    After a while, wax melts that you burn lose their fragrance - but the wax doesn’t disappear! When you heat the wax melts using a tealight wax melter or electric burner, the fragrance evaporates and once you can no longer smell it, the wax should be left to cool before you remove it. It's normal for this to happen, but we use the best ingredients to make ours the most long lasting!

    How do I get wax out of a tealight burner?

    We have found that lighting a tealight under the burner for about 10 seconds and blowing the tealight out is the most effective way of loosening the wax in the burner so that it slides out. The same method can be applied with an electric burner, just turn it on for a minute until the wax softens slightly and pop it out.

    Are wax melts safe for pets?

    All wax melts on the market are made differently by each manufacturer. Here at Sassy Wax we use a blend of soy to make our wax melts. Our wax base is non-toxic and is safe for all members of the family including children and pets. When made correctly, wax melts are the best way to enjoy strong fragrance around your home.

    Can I use a wax melt in a oil burner?

    We don’t recommend using oil burners for wax melts as often they are often short and have a small dish. Oil burners often have a height of less than 10cm which can cause them to overheat. This may then lead to cracks in the ceramic dish which can lead to safety concerns such as fires. Always follow the manufacturer's instructions carefully.

    Can wax melts expire and go off?

    Typically speaking, the longer you have our wax, the stronger it gets! There is a general consensus that the fragrance in wax melts has a shelf life of 12 months but we find our unique soy blend to last so much longer! Our wax melts are designed to give a strong scent to your home!

    Are wax tarts eco friendly?

    Typically speaking, wax melts use fragrance oil which is synthetic and should be considered when choosing the right brand. Here at Sassy Wax we use a safe blend of soy wax which is non-toxic. Our scents are blended with essential oils which makes us a great choice when you buy wax melts in the UK.

    How can I make wax melts smell more?

    There is a simple wax melt hack to make your melts more effective - which means a stronger smell that lasts longer! Once you have melted your wax for 15 minutes and can smell a strong fragrance in your room, you no longer need to melt the wax so you can blow out the tealight in your melter. Because the melter is already warm, it will continue to scent your home until it cools down. By using one of our wax burners, you can increase the effectiveness of your burn time even more! We are proud to sell strong wax melts that are long lasting in your home!

    Should I see smoke coming from my wax burner?

    When using a high quality wax melt, you can often see white smoke when it's burning. This is the fragrance oil evaporating and is harmless. If you see a dark colour smoke then blow out your wax immediately. If you are worried, check over your wax burner for cracks and never leave it unattended. Our wax melts are handmade in the UK and come in a huge variety of scents. When paired with our wax burners give the best scent experience for your home!

    Will wax melts disappear like a scented candle?

    Unlike a scented candle, wax melts do not evaporate or disapear. As the wax does not come into direct contact with the flame, the only thing which evaporates is the fragrance oil which is why you need to remove the wax from your burner when you can no longer smell the scent. As our products are great value and low cost compared to other alternatives, changing your wax melt scent is a cost effective solution to scenting your home.

    What is a scent throw?

    Scent throw is a term used to describe the fragrance being released. It can be used in relation to the fragrance strength and longevity as well as how far the fragrance travels. The best wax melts have a strong, long lasting scent which travels around the house. Our wax melts have great scent throw and make amazing gift sets so if you are looking for the best wax melts in the UK online, Sassy Wax is the right place!

    What is the most popular wax melter?

    There are many factors to consider when buying a wax melting pot. All burners use heat as a way to disperse the fragrance. In terms of convenience, electric burners are a great option as you do not have to worry about the flame. A major disadvantage when using plug in burners is that most are not time controlled but at Sassy Wax we solve this problem and you can find the best time controlled electric burners on the market!

    Are scented candles different to wax melts?

    Whilst wax tarts and scented candles both provide a solution to scenting your home, wax melts can be a more cost effective solution if you are looking for a strong and long lasting fragrance! Our products have a strong scent throw because we use innovative methods and the best quality ingredients. A candle depends on many different factors such as the quality of the wick and the dosage of fragrance. That is why wax melts are better as you can control the amount that you are using. If you’re looking for wholesale wax tarts, our segment pots or gift sets are the best choice for your scented needs!

    With a wide range of scents, each carefully handcrafted, our wax melt gift boxes can be enjoyed by all! All year round we offer bulk wax melts on a wholesale basis to give as beautiful gifts. Whether you are looking for perfume scented melts, snow pixie or laundry scents - we have it all!

    Made right here in the UK, we offer the best wax melts! Our range of fragrances gives a great variety of options and a lot of our customers use them all day long. When you are looking for a great candle alternative, give our wax melts a try. Our gift sets make a beautiful present and can be bought in bulk from us today!