Wax melts are scented pieces of wax, much like a candle but without the wick. The scent throw depends on how much wax you decide to use, we recommend two cubes or one segment. We have an unbeatable range of scents and fragrances ranging from perfume to laundry. Sassy Wax Melts can be used with a tea light wax melter or electric wax burner. Please read our safety instructions before using wax melts. 

    Sassy Wax melts are excellent value for money compared to candle alternatives, you get guaranteed quality wax melts that are strong and long-lasting. 

    Available in wax melt bars, segment pots, whipped soap and more! Buy best wax melts from Sassy Shop Wax including Snow Pixie and Creede.

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    Best Seller - Snow Pixie Wax Melt
    Best Seller - Creede Wax Melt
    Best Seller - I Love You Wax Melt
    Best Seller - Antique Bookstore Wax Melt
    Best Seller - Soft Towels Wax Melt
    Best Seller - Champagne Toast Wax Melt
    Best Seller - Blueberry & Vanilla Wax Melt
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