Vintage Tea Party

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    We're so excited to bring you the newest addition to our wax melts collection: Vintage Tea Party. This brand-new fragrance is inspired by your favourite afternoon tea treats - a delicious mix of fluffy lemon cake, scones and whipped cream with strawberry jam! It's like a yummy afternoon tea treat come to life.

    It's the perfect scent for springtime—it'll make you feel like you're sitting down for a relaxing cup of tea with your best friends (or maybe just your cat). We promise that this fragrance will make you feel as good as it smells! 

    6 products
    Vintage Tea Party Wax Melt
    Vintage Tea Party Whipped Soap
    Chapter 1 Mystery Bundles (READ DESCRIPTION)
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    Vintage Tea Party 3in1 Wash
    Vintage Tea Party Fragrance Oil
    Vintage Tea Party Room Spray
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