Job Opening - Fragrance Tester

Sassy Shop Wax Is On The Hunt For A Fragrance Tester

Here at Sassy Shop Wax, we believe every fragrance has a memory and our mission is connecting people to those happy moments in life.

So, with this in mind, we are looking to employ a ‘Fragrance Tester’ to check that our wax melt scents are up to the high standard you’ve come to expect from us and smelling as they should be, using nothing but, you guessed it, your nose!

The role will include smelling a variety of new wax melt scents that we are introducing to the range each month, using a complimentary wax melt burner that we’ll be sending your way. The successful candidate will give feedback on the wax melt, including how strong the scent is, how long it lasts and if it matches the name, to help us perfect the scent. You will also be able to make suggestions on how to improve the scents and suggest fun, fresh and exciting new scents that we can look to add to our ever-growing range.

  • Are you someone who can tell what ingredients are in your meal, just by sniffing it?
  • Are you someone who can differentiate flavours in wine, before taking a sip?
  • Or can you simply spot a bad odour before it comes in close proximity?

We are offering a pro rata salary of £24,000.

No experience required – just a really good nose!

All potential sniff testers have to do is fill out the submission form below, you know it makes scents!